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October 25, 2023


Welcome To N Space!

Welcome To N Space!

Post last updated: October 25, 2023

My name is Nour, 1990's young man with a passion for Web & Space.

I was born in Syria, grew up in Dubai and settled in Berlin a few years ago. I work as a Python Backend Engineer and have launched few startups during my career.


I have to admit; It took me much longer than I anticipated until I managed to put this blog online. Choosing a blogging platform wasn't an easy pick considering the many out there. On the other hand deploying it was reasonably straightforward, talking from a developer's perspective.

This Space

In N Space I will take about things I like; you got that right! Python programing language, Astronomy, and other random topics that I find interesting.

I also want to share tips on how to efficiently use your laptop. I don't feel super comfortable seeing someone struggling to drag windows between screens, or even worse on the same screen, neither spending too much time on formatting an email without luck as there is always this weird spacing after pasting some text. The examples are almost infinite, but my time, on the contrary, is.

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